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Kenmare High School

The Mission of the Kenmare School is to provide young adult women who have not completed a traditional high school program
with the opportunity to obtain a high school education and diploma. This is accomplished through a variety of learning experiences designed to empower the women, frequently living in poverty, to become independent, self-directed individuals.

As an alternative high school, Kenmare, a component of the
York Street Project, fosters holistic learning as well as emotional
and social support.


Secondary education remains a critical component of York Street Project's holistic approach to alleviating poverty among individual and female-headed households. Our women become a model for their children as well as other members of their families and community as they strive to better themselves through education and employment.

Located within Jersey City, New Jersey, Kenmare High School provides students with a clean, professional atmosphere that enhances the learning environment. Facilities include computer labs, a science lab, and classrooms geared to individualized and peer learning.

Services Provided

Integrating academic knowledge into real life examples, encouraging problem solving and developing coping strategies play an integral part in the school curriculum. Our Life Skills group meetings are facilitated by our social worker and allow for a safe, controlled place for students to share their feelings about the program, challenges in their lives, and vent frustrations. The weekly sessions also allow for peer mentoring and mutual direction setting.

We also provide experiences and activities geared to future life goals to increase their chances for success. Guest speakers, student-led assemblies, and field trips offer opportunities to apply information about leadership, nutrition, financial planning, health, and the arts into their own lives. Our Career Preparation program helps each woman to identify her career interests, strengthen her job seeking skills, and engage in practical work experiences. In each of our classes, we continually reinforce basic job skills such as computer proficiency, effective written and verbal communication, and time management.  

Marleen O'Connor, Principal/Director, oversees the faculty and staff of Kenmare High School which serves an average of 50 adult women each trimester. The low student-teacher ratio ensures the personal attention that is critical to our women's success.


An alternative high school for adult women.

Age Range:

Served to Date:
More than 1,000 women

Average Enrollment:
50 students

8 Full-time